Valeri Simeonov, NFSB party: The time has come for the real Bulgarian patriots to intervene in the government

  It is not necessary to make a thorough analysis of the geopolitical and the internal situation in the country to be sure that the time has come for the real Bulgarian patriots to intervene in the government. This was said by the leader of NFSB party and the chairman of the election headquarters of the coalition "United Patriots-NFSB, VMRO and Ataka" Valeri Simeonov during the official opening of the election campaign of the coalition,  "Focus" reported. „It didn’t took a while after the start of the 43rd National Assembly for us to be convinced the the goals, ideas and principles of our three parties that actually the same“, said Simeonov. Acording to him the couple Karakacanov and Yavor Notev is most worthy for president and running mate."Our slogan" Bulgaria over everything, "oblige us to serve the motherland faithfully and selflessly."said Valeri Simeonov. "At the beginning of 2015 the three parties wete united around the construction of a protective device on the border of the Republic of Turkey, as the most immediate threat to Bulgaria," stated the leader of NFSB. MEP VMRO Angel Dzhambazki pointed that through unification the patriots showed that amid all the other divisions in Bulgaria this is a union in the name of the national cause. Ataka's leader Volen Siderov said that the „United patriots“ are going to worry the enemies of Bulgaria. According to him, the union is not an election scheme, but the historical and strategic move, because Bulgaria cannot be managed without the ideas of patriotism.